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From educational articles to emergency stories, Great Lakes Equine doctors give you a peak into their every day work lives and answer questions on a variety of equine-related subjects commonly asked by our clients.

Dr. Adam Leininger

Colic: a dirty word \ by Dr. Adam Leininger \

So what is colic? Simply put colic is any type of gastro-intestinal discomfort, so why all the fear and panic? I am sure you probably can count on two hands the amount of times you felt GI pain over the past six months to a year. I am sure over Christmas alone you experienced more…Read More

Dr. Kate Diederich

The Penicillin Predicament \ by Dr. Kate Diederich \

Despite being the oldest antibiotic, there are still many uses for Penicillin today.  It remains effective against many different types of bacteria even amongst the growth of antibiotic resistance.  To continue to conserve its effectiveness we need to use it cautiously just like any antibiotic.  It is also available in a few different veterinary formulations…Read More

by Dr. Liz Odyniec

My horse isn’t lame… is he?! \ by by Dr. Liz Odyniec \

As the snow continues to pile up outside, many of us are dreaming of warmer weather when we can happily hit the trails, start that new young prospect, or get the show season underway. While it may seem far away now, springtime will be here before we know it and with spring comes vaccines, dental…Read More

Dr. Rob Blohowiak

Trailer Accident – Triage in Emergencies \ by Dr. Rob Blohowiak \

It was a lovely spring evening and all of the doctors at Great Lakes Equine were having a cookout with our families. No more than 10 minutes into our festivities, one of the doctors got a page to go see a colic in Appleton. We bid her a fond farewell and started to eat dinner…Read More

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