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From educational articles to emergency stories, Great Lakes Equine doctors give you a peak into their every day work lives and answer questions on a variety of equine-related subjects commonly asked by our clients.

Dr. Vicky

Baby… Its Cold Outside \ by Dr. Vicky \

The cold weather is upon us and the coldest is still yet to come. Although horses are hearty animals, there are some things you can do for your horse to keep him more comfortable and healthy over the winter. Offer warm water Horses should always have unlimited access to clean water. Although you may have…Read More

Dr. Rob

Memorial Day Miracle \ by Dr. Rob \

While serving as the on-call veterinarian on Memorial Day, I received an early morning page requesting a response to a trauma situation.  I quickly contacted the individuals to discover that two horses had collided in a pasture. One of the horses, we’ll call him Trigger, was stuck on his side and flipped over onto the…Read More

Dr. Rob

Tucker’s Survival Story \ by Dr. Rob \

We all hope our horses never get sick enough to need to stay in the hospital… but sometimes horses require intensive care to survive potentially fatal illness. This is the story of Tucker, a palomino gelding pony, who was owned by a very loving twelve-year-old boy. Tucker lived a great life at his stable in…Read More

Dr. Rob

Stuck in a Ravine \ by Dr. Rob \

It was late June of 2005 and I was enjoying a lazy, hot Tuesday afternoon with few appointments. Then the call came in… “Horse Stuck in Ravine”. I didn’t even know that we had ravines in Wisconsin. As I listened to the information, I started a mental list of the things that I may need…Read More

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