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How do I know if my horse needs VSMT/animal chiropractic care? \ by \

Horses can develop chiropractic restrictions as a result of trauma, such as flipping over or falling down. When there is an obvious cause for the restriction, the symptoms associated with it are often obvious.  

But the most common causes of chiropractic restrictions are usually much more subtle and thus their symptoms are more subtle as well! Small things like poorly fitting tack, unbalanced feet and excessive confinement can lead to chiropractic issues. The most common cause of restrictions is repetitive motion, like mounting and dismounting, or practicing the same maneuver over and over.

Some common things we see corrected by adjustments include:

  • Poor performance
  • Discomfort when saddled (cinchy)
  • Favoring one side (direction) over the other
  • Reluctance to pick up a lead, inability to maintain a lead or have the correct lead behind
  • Hesitating to do things they normally do
    • Picking up feet, stepping down out of a trailer, turning in either direction
    • Refusing jumps
  • Holding tail abnormally
  • Changes in posture or having an uneven topline
  • Head tilt, difficulty chewing, TMJ issues
  • Uneven muscle development
  • Changes in gait (shortened strides)
  • Uneven pelvis or hips
  • Tender spots along the back or withers
  • Difficulty getting up and down
  • Back, neck, leg or tail pain
  • Changes in behavior or attitude
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