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What is a coggins test and why do I need one? \ by \

The Coggins test is a blood test which checks for antibodies against Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA). Blood samples must be sent to a state approved laboratory for appropriate testing. Many boarding facilities require a current negative coggins test for boarding, as well as many shows require a negative test before allowing the horse to compete. A negative coggins is also required by law whenever you transport your horse across state lines and for many states a negative test is required before the sale of any horse. Depending upon the state, each test is either good for one year from the test date or for one calendar year. It is important to always plan ahead if you are planning on traveling, showing, or trail riding with your horse. Check each venue to see if a coggins test is needed. We typically suggest allowing one week minimum for test results. Not all labs will test for EIA daily and it can be difficult at times to place a “rush” on a coggins test. In Wisconsin each test is good for one year from the test date. Getting your coggins done early can save you time in during the riding/show season.

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