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The prepurchase examination is a fact-finding mission to aid the purchaser in the decision-making process. In addition, the examination can serve as a guideline for potential future care that may be needed for that specific horse.  The veterinarian that is performing the examination is working for the buyer.

A typical prepurchase examination performed by any of the veterinarians at GLEWC would consist of  all pertinent history (buyer, seller & agent’s information), the horse’s name, registration number, age, sex, breed, weight, height, intended use, present work status, any medical/surgical history, vaccination/deworming status, vices and conformation abnormalities.  In addition, a very thorough physical examination will be performed, which includes a lameness examination with flexion tests. The buyer will receive a typed report of the veterinarian’s examination.

In some instances, further diagnostics are recommended to determine the horse’s soundness and disease free status. These tests may include:  radiographs to screen for developmental or arthritic problems, a coggins test (if not previous performed), blood work to screen for any internal organ problems, drug testing (to ensure no medications have been administered to mask lameness/behavior problems), a fecal sample to detect internal parasites and an upper airway endoscopic examination to detect any breathing/performance related problems. Discuss with your veterinarian whether additional diagnostic options would be important for your particular situation.

Please call to set up an appointment when you have found a new horse you wish to purchase to avoid buying a horse that may require future, long-term non-preventative medicine care.

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